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Mar 19, 2013 1:00am PDT
washington. does the sequester continue, do we have crazy -- another complication over the debt ceiling. at this point, it is dysfunct n dysfunctional politics getting in the way of an economy gradually getting its act together. >> does the economy in terms of federal finances need what's been characterized as a grand bargain? do you think it's possible? i was listening to a political analyst who said if a grand bargain means somebody has to -- each side has to sign on to raising tacks and cutting entitlement, he knew of no politician who would buy that bargain. >> i don't think it's likely, but i wouldn't put it this way. i would say the division between the parties is too large. that we've -- we as republicans basically have not acknowledged the election. that's the problem. it is not urgent. the congressional budget office debt projections show pretty much stable u.s. indetectivedness for the next ten years. they do not show anything that looks like a crisis. we have long, long run problems but not anything that has to be dealt with this year or five years from now or seven years from no
Mar 22, 2013 7:00pm PDT
cliff, sequester, the debt ceiling, all of those issues seem to be moving out later into the year. so as a result the impediments that were slowing the economy down over the last couple of quarters we think will result in better economic growth. the equity market is starting to sense that. i think to some degree that is some of the reasons why the markets ignored washington and ignored sandy so far this year and is up 10% or so. >> that is why you have such a bullish forecast for the s&p. you are calling for it to end the year at 16.60. it is all going to play out pretty strongly. >> we think corporate earnings will chug along may increase about $108 full year for the s&p. we think we will get a little multiple expansion from 14 to 15 times as treasury yields continue to work higher. that will drive out of bounds and into stocks. we think the equity market ends up with a 15% to 20% positive return for the year. >> that is a good way to turn to stocks that are going to perform well. you have len on the big board as your top pick. you reported the blowout earnings this year. the stock has
Mar 26, 2013 4:30pm PDT
sequestration and new debt ceiling deadlines are a cause for concern and the eurozone debt crisis is far from over as highlighted from recent events in cyprus. >> when we have the crisis out of cyprus, this is the definition of headline risk. so we have this demand for safe haven. >> for "nightly business report" i'm jackie deangeles. >> two blue chips in the dow hitting all-time highs todayand that ishere we begin our market focus tonight. american express and johnson & johnson both hit as the market gained and the amex on the $150 million a share buyback plan and j & j after ubs raised the price target on the stock to $87 from $81. johnson & johnson also part of the nyse pharma index and that index hit its highest level in almost 12 years today. here are some other top performers in that group. bristol-myers squibb leading the way up most % year to date, followed by eli lilly, pfizer, amgen and merck. >>> it is set to become one of the ten largest shareholders in goldman sachs. the move comes as goldman gives berkshire millions of shares in place of warrants dating back to the dept
Search Results 0 to 8 of about 9 (some duplicates have been removed)